Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8th Jan til 11th Jan 20ten

I thought being back to KK was Okay. and at least would be good. But then, boleh la, still missing the KL moment with my baby. I missed our sweet pre-honeymoon! what a word. PRE-HONEYMOON. aha. the sweet moments. lots and lots of memories. 4days in KL was absolutely QUICK. Its just like our normal 4 hours-date. :(( But yeah, i missed all the times we shared. The dinner date, late 7 Eleven Imbi maggi Hot Cup, playing dumbs, singing like a rock star in Melia Hotel Room, screaming, running through the Hotel corridor, taking pictures, acting cool moments, the monorails trip, penjara Pudu and all. a lot to list down. i missed it! cant wait for the July trip again! yeayy!

Nadia, Intan & Zul, sorry :((


Monday, November 30, 2009

my intan...

dont she loooookkk adorable??

ayu oh....

makan pun sopan...

u sssooooooooooo cantik...

nadia request me to put ur pic here. haha.
btw, KL, im coming tomorow!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

dedicated to, *entre your name here*

First of all, sorry for not updating. its been almost 6 month, well, here am i.
"Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)"
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring
Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now
But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had
So you stole my world
Now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely
Send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better
But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't need me back
You're just the best I ever had
And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can't take it so I
Run away and hide
And I may find in time that
You were always right
You're always right
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring
What was it you wanted
Could it be I'm haunted
But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
I don't want you back
You're just the best I ever had
The best I ever hadThe best I ever

Friday, April 24, 2009

colours of life

cikTASHA version copied from encekZWAN
i gone through encekZWAN's warnaWARNIkehidupan last night.
and his blog was inspired me. well, i love colourful thingy and his latest post was pretty!
i love colourful colours. and i stold some colourful arts from flickr. kiranya mau copycat encekZWAN punya lah sebab dengki. haha.

those colours done the great job of their own.
the lolipop! sigh. i like it since i was a little girl.
and red is my favourite colour. the bloody red.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

thursday until saturday

thursday night was the Malam Amal Gaza. Unitar incorporate with politech and Ums, at Tabung Haji KK.
it was okay. fun. yeay. fun. esp when its miss Aroom session. hahahaha.
i didnt took much pictures. but here's some.


cikDILLA, cikTASHA & encekAZRUL

encekAZEEM & cikDILLA

we all are bestfriends for life!

lupa aku mau amek gambar sama si cikAROOM! she's the stand up comedian i tell you! u'll laugh when she start talking. serious.
WTF in three days straight started on thursday til saturday, i had my eyes closed at 6fakkenAM and woke up at sweeet eight AM! thats mean i slept only 2 hours? i have my dark circle and its freak me alot. i just cant sleep at night lately!
reason #1 : undefinded
reason #2 : i think its coffee
reason #3 : yeah its coffee
reason #4 : oopst.. nescafe i mean
macam azeem sudah aku. addict to caffien!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

learn and remember..

What issit i have to learn?
On the verge of tears, i have to start relying on no one but myself.
An empty room, An empty house,An empty contacts list and
The only person in the room is me.
Sometimes we fall,
we cry,
we break.
It only makes us stronger.
But nonetheless,
we still have to go thru the pain that makes us stronger.
The pain that is unbearable at the moment of time.
Ill be fine.
Right now i just dont know what i want anymore,
when everything gets shattered.
Im supposed to be strong.
How till today i carry the scars you gave me.
and all i know is i had enough. for now.
being in a relationship with a type of guy who never appriciates a woman, is really gay.
well, look, those sacrifices, the kindness and the whatsoever was end up mean zero. ZERO.
show some respect to people if you wanna have the respect back, young man.
and understand woman's need if you want them to know wat you need.
its not when you had this stupid silly matter, u bump up to her and when she has this unemotion situation, u ran and trying not to listen. thats makes you 2% closer to JERK!
stop being so sellfish

Saturday, February 14, 2009

fourteen of february..

o.c.e.a.n. a.v.e.n.u.e.
that alanis song we sorta danced to
y.e.a.h. y.e.a.h. y.e.a.h.
u know how sometimes, you can remember something and you remember exactly how you felt at that time?exactly exactly exactly how it felt.
bedtime stories, dancing, sunrises, whipcream, high ways
crap lah. i feel like crap. c-r-a-p, crap.
i cannot not talk to u.
i cannot not listen to music.
i cannot not see u.
coz i cannot not tell u when shite happens,u listen.
coz dude, music is like, oxygen.
coz even with my eyes closed, ur there.

c-r-a-p. crap. CRAP.

everycorner is decorated with heart shape, red n pink color, and teddies. and everywhere also got couple here n there. its fourteen of february. well, its LOVINTINE'S day.. yeah. its pronounds that way. yeah people. can u smell sumthing. something sweet and warm. yah L.O.V.E. love is in the air. everywhere. everycorner. LOVINtine's day. oh yeah.. being in love is awesome. eventho is not the day that me and him celebrate it, but i smell love everywhere! yah. some celebrating it alone. or maybe with bunch of bachelor friends..

Friday, January 30, 2009

tunduk dan fikir...

bumi mana tak di timpa hujan...
langit mana tak pernah mendung...
bukan semua yg pahit itu kejam...
mungkin sekadar sinisan tanpa niat...
tak bererti yg keluar dari mulut itu sengaja di muntahkan...
kemesraan tak bererti ucapan kasih sayang...
kasih sayang tak bererti pengorbanan harta kekayaan...
kecintaan tak beerti belaian penuh perasaan...
maaf andai aku terkasar bahasa...
aku mmg tidak seperti yg lain...
bagus la kalau jahat aku dilihat...
mungkin itu lebih baik dari hipokrasi....
di luar baik tetapi di dalam penuh kecelakaan...
perubahan memang perlu ada...
aku kan cuba merubah sekiranya kau juga berubah...
tak perlu bertempik, memaki, menghina aku seperti anjing...
sekadar perlu menegur...
itu sudah memadai bagi aku...
apa yang aku ingin katakan...
jangan pertikaikan kasih dan sayang aku...
tapi jangan risau...
kalau kau dah bosan...
kau cuma perlu cakap...
bukan mengelak...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wahai insan yang bergelar LELAKI. Jangan lah HIPOKRIT. Tanpa Wanita, hati perasaan & fikiran tak akan tenang. mereka tetap mencari walaupun ada segalanya. apa yang tiada di syurga hingga Adam tetap rindukan Hawa? wanita dijadikan daripada tulang rusuk yang bengkok untuk diluruskan oleh kaum Adam. tapi andainya lelaki itu sendiri yang bengkok, bagaimana hendak menghasilkan bayangan yang lurus?
biarpun akal wanita setipis rambutnya, hatinya serapuh kaca, tanpa wanita, lelaki tetap akan kosong.
Semua lelaki perlukan wanita. jangan hipokrit!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

dulu, kini & selamanya...

apa lah arti hidup tiada cinta?
apa lah artinya cinta ngak punya kasih?
apa lah arti diriku tanpa hadirmu?
apa lah arti semuanya andai dirimu ngak ada?

i wanna upload loadsa pictures. pictures between me and my love one.

sweet isnt it?

we creat LOVE, LOVE creat us..
my heart;his hand

Saturday, November 22, 2008


people says, 'formed many new friendships over the summer'. somehow, in friendship we need to learn forgive and forget. or else, can we really live without a person we called friends? I have learned that friendships come and go. Some are broken, lost forever. Some should have never been, were just an illusion. i used to examine myself harshly as friendships fractured, broke up, became dust, got blown away. now it's simple whatever. *sigh* In our world of sharing and caring the only rule is don’t pick up. It’s all about friends love friends. In recovery the path-plan addicts want to think they are receiving and giving away experience, strength, and hope.And all of us looking for that sweet spot again. so the prize remains’ the same but the game play plan is changed.
Friendship is an extraordinary bond. Friends are always with you-even when they are thousands of miles away.
so treasure the friendsgip. the true friendship. you'll be grate! and once you have a new friend, just keep the old. coz the old is gold.

ALL friendships ARE relationships, BUT not all relationships are friendships

cik kayangan

Sunday, November 16, 2008


hello people... beeeeing sooo busy with works. went back everyday at 10pm was really tiring. thats why im kinda lazy to update my blog. anyway, i have this SHARP pain in my tonsel. ggrrr.. I cant sleep, my tonsel is being a fucking pain in the dick because it wont let me sleep. haha. Saturday and Sunday, just take some rest. trying recovering from being sick, so sleep in and just relax. but its not helping. i hate being sick. i had this thing called 'beguk' in malay. haha.
tomorrow is monday. i hate monday. its because i had a lots of assignments projects and agreements to be done. and that makes me even MORE sick. with those two staffs who HATES me. haha. well, the boss loves me more then u both so keep ur hateness up and high. haha.
im fetish for bubur ayam at the moment since i cant eat oily food, or anything. make me bubur or give me mcd's bubur ayam. haha. but i went to mcd just now with hubbie, i still ordering double chessssss burger. i eat and swollen thing that will hurt my tonsel. budukapaka? haha.
i miss my lovely boo-gundut...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


the picnic to manukan with frontiers club was amazing! it was great! haha. eventho im having this sunburn, but its okay. its fun! haha. those colorful fishes really makes me happy! hoho.

me, phaD, pipie and safwan.. arriving at manukan..

the fishesss....

the corals..

eventho end up with phaD tercucuk landak laut, he never stop swimming. nda jera-jera. haha

Sunday, October 26, 2008

here im back!!

its been a while for updating my blogger. its a very very busy days i had been thru. yeah very busy. hoho. but still, thanks for all those comment and messages in my friendster on my birthday. hoho. anyway, nothing much here. just living my day to the blast with my beloved gundut and those people in frontiers. i will updates more soon. hugs.

and for ur all information, haha. abg bob is gone in heaven. so, im back in free with my lovely lovely switart. hahahaha...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my jiwa & raga..

i have two man in my life that i care and love the most. the one that give me hopes and faiths, loves and cares. one, my boyfriend. second, my bestest bestfriend. they just simply rawk my world. haha. and i love them so much. <333 and they both i called, my jiwa & raga.. korang pilihlah sape nak jadi jiwa and sape nak jadi raga. haha.

here's the pictures me and my gendut on our buddy day out. simply adorable.

we went to hmmph, hair cut. the pukang potong rambut is loke woow raggee siot. haha. then we went to wisma. window shopping. actually looking for his sandal and none of them match his taste. ya ya. semua pun ada ja kritikan. haha. after wisma we went to api-api at sportmart, centre point, warisan and finally wawasan. awh ya, we break fast in the car. with cup of coke. kembung perut siot. haha. at the end, we didnt not get anything. haha. we had fun.

Monday, September 15, 2008

i missed those people...

azrul talk to me. about his conversation with azeem. and it makes me cry.

the memories...

the bowling session...

azeem makan maggi in my room..

udin playing my eyeliner...

the dialogs that i missed the most..

azeem : 'uinah ging...',, 'macam anjing-anjing',, 'panjang jangan sebut ah',, 'punyaaa sandi ko ging'.

udin : 'mat, peler ko pindik macam ni ja kan?'

mat : 'mati la. mati la'

i missed them all. seriously. i miss them. so much.

azeem, mat, udin, zed, memei, riney, and all of them la. zen people.

saya sudah kehilangan si gendut saya

dear azrul.. i wanna tell u the whole thing when times come but u knew it earlier. so im sorry. i thought u said u dont love me so, make a move then. haha. bah bah. friends is forever bah. kau nak jadik kawan, aku tak kesah.. we rawk!!

endang!! kak izan is sooo gempak siot! haha. nah nah.. girlfriend si azrul dah ader boyfriend baru siot! haha. ex-girlfriend. dowh. anyway, kak izan, you rawk!! bia pun aku tukar link, kamu sungguh celik IT sehingga menjumpai aku! haha.. tinggal si endang dengan gendutnya. aku punya gendut nda lama lagi kurus tu. nda sudah gendut. si badak sudah tiada gajahnya.. si gemuk tiada sudah si gendutnya. woohoo..

iam not in a mood of blogging but hey people.. i love you all!! kepada semua yang membaca, terima kaseh!!

p/s : kak izan, drop bah komen! haha

Saturday, September 13, 2008

azrul said, 'semoga berbahagia. akhirnya sempurna'..

ღmiss tanashah and mr bobღ

he's my sunshine. and he made me soo happy in the morning and night. he made me so absolutely happy and its not funny anymore. and my life seemed so worth it. i love him. and i meant it. and we im happy. we happy i think. dont u happy syg? haha.

and when i remembered, friends said, 'u'll find someone better.someone much better than awang. trust me.' or, 'forget azrul la babe. he's not belongs to you.' NOW i realize that its true. there is someone for me. and i found it! wahaha. so thanks for your friendster shout out azrul. u such a nice guy ever!! haha. well, at least all my questions about my friendship with azrul, answered!! kadang-kadangkan, saya sendiri bingung what the hell he need from me again. after things happened. so please just go, if you read this. im so tired be next to you. maybe im not a nice friend. im sorry. Things have been hard. Things have been driving me crazy.Things have been changing. and im changing. Frustrate you. Kill you. Ruin you. Ruin the friendship. wasnt my fault. and wasnt me to be blame. ask yourself. all i know now is im happy. im happy without you. seriously. oh, even if i havent meet abg bob. still im happy without you. so if you wanna be friend, be good kerana, aku sungguh pening melayan kerenah kamu! saya penat! If I dont make your heart skip a beat, then hate me. haha.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

two heart beat as one

introducing, mr. khafez. hoho.

p/s : sorry to abang cause i took this picture. haha. fyi people, this pic may be a year but he still look the same.

okay, here's the story. he's been MISSING, for SEVEN YEARS and finally with the help of God and Iffa's laundry assigment, we meet up. and i think we in love. love?? yeah, i guess so. is that we called FATE and DISTANY? is it JODOH? OR TAKDIR like our sms conversation about TAKDIR and stuff. i do believe in jodoh and takdir. and i do believe in US.

okay, some people, be ashame to fall in love. but when they missed that someone that much. they will can never deny thay they in love. love cant be force. they will come naturally. like us. the love came naturally. haha. conclusion, i love him and he love me too. insya Allah dengan doa kami berdua, we can get thru all of it and be happily ever after. haha.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10th ramadhan..

its been 2 fcukken years i havent meet miss linda. and she called. and we meet up. just a while but it was great.

and here's picture encek wan and me. we had our breaking fastwith miss ayu too. she's adorable girl. very sweet and pretty. hoho.

the breaking fast was okay and abg bob joining us a while. awh. i missed him. haha.