Sunday, October 14, 2007

love, your princess..

He was my first real love, I’ve never thought that this is the feeling when you’re in love. I thought I was in love for many times before, but none of those ever sends chill to my stomach. We had our ups and downs. We cheated on each other, but the end of the day we keep on falling back to each other. There is no love that felt so good like this before. The history of us starts when we started to chat for two days on the phone, just messaging to each other as friends. One night, he we went out for dinner. first date. its was at waterfront. we drove around the town for awhile. We stopped two places though. finally after we had met up few times, And one precious night, he wants me to be his girlfriend. I wasn’t thinking much, he was just another guy in my life I thought, nothing more. Besides, I’m hurt for too long. (Seriously. I’m in love with attentions) From that moment, 070407,, I realized I have fallen in love with him. He’s the sweetest guy ever. He did a lot of things for me such as being my gay partner each single way. he wore the clothes that I picked for him and he remembered every words that came out from my mouth. He bought everything that I ever wish I want though he knows that he won’t be able to get what he wants. Along the way, I learnt how to let go my boys, I learnt to cook and dress up like a girl. (Though now I’m back to my boyish world but I’m still keeping my cooking skill) I tried not to talk so loud, and try not to talk so much. I learnt how to apologize and I learnt not to gets in fight. He changed a lot in me. He’s the grip of my life, without him I’m just a failure to this world. Hopefully, one day he can finally understand this feeling though I don’t show it often… always love you..