Saturday, February 14, 2009

fourteen of february..

o.c.e.a.n. a.v.e.n.u.e.
that alanis song we sorta danced to
y.e.a.h. y.e.a.h. y.e.a.h.
u know how sometimes, you can remember something and you remember exactly how you felt at that time?exactly exactly exactly how it felt.
bedtime stories, dancing, sunrises, whipcream, high ways
crap lah. i feel like crap. c-r-a-p, crap.
i cannot not talk to u.
i cannot not listen to music.
i cannot not see u.
coz i cannot not tell u when shite happens,u listen.
coz dude, music is like, oxygen.
coz even with my eyes closed, ur there.

c-r-a-p. crap. CRAP.

everycorner is decorated with heart shape, red n pink color, and teddies. and everywhere also got couple here n there. its fourteen of february. well, its LOVINTINE'S day.. yeah. its pronounds that way. yeah people. can u smell sumthing. something sweet and warm. yah L.O.V.E. love is in the air. everywhere. everycorner. LOVINtine's day. oh yeah.. being in love is awesome. eventho is not the day that me and him celebrate it, but i smell love everywhere! yah. some celebrating it alone. or maybe with bunch of bachelor friends..