Friday, April 24, 2009

colours of life

cikTASHA version copied from encekZWAN
i gone through encekZWAN's warnaWARNIkehidupan last night.
and his blog was inspired me. well, i love colourful thingy and his latest post was pretty!
i love colourful colours. and i stold some colourful arts from flickr. kiranya mau copycat encekZWAN punya lah sebab dengki. haha.

those colours done the great job of their own.
the lolipop! sigh. i like it since i was a little girl.
and red is my favourite colour. the bloody red.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

thursday until saturday

thursday night was the Malam Amal Gaza. Unitar incorporate with politech and Ums, at Tabung Haji KK.
it was okay. fun. yeay. fun. esp when its miss Aroom session. hahahaha.
i didnt took much pictures. but here's some.


cikDILLA, cikTASHA & encekAZRUL

encekAZEEM & cikDILLA

we all are bestfriends for life!

lupa aku mau amek gambar sama si cikAROOM! she's the stand up comedian i tell you! u'll laugh when she start talking. serious.
WTF in three days straight started on thursday til saturday, i had my eyes closed at 6fakkenAM and woke up at sweeet eight AM! thats mean i slept only 2 hours? i have my dark circle and its freak me alot. i just cant sleep at night lately!
reason #1 : undefinded
reason #2 : i think its coffee
reason #3 : yeah its coffee
reason #4 : oopst.. nescafe i mean
macam azeem sudah aku. addict to caffien!