Saturday, November 22, 2008


people says, 'formed many new friendships over the summer'. somehow, in friendship we need to learn forgive and forget. or else, can we really live without a person we called friends? I have learned that friendships come and go. Some are broken, lost forever. Some should have never been, were just an illusion. i used to examine myself harshly as friendships fractured, broke up, became dust, got blown away. now it's simple whatever. *sigh* In our world of sharing and caring the only rule is don’t pick up. It’s all about friends love friends. In recovery the path-plan addicts want to think they are receiving and giving away experience, strength, and hope.And all of us looking for that sweet spot again. so the prize remains’ the same but the game play plan is changed.
Friendship is an extraordinary bond. Friends are always with you-even when they are thousands of miles away.
so treasure the friendsgip. the true friendship. you'll be grate! and once you have a new friend, just keep the old. coz the old is gold.

ALL friendships ARE relationships, BUT not all relationships are friendships

cik kayangan

Sunday, November 16, 2008


hello people... beeeeing sooo busy with works. went back everyday at 10pm was really tiring. thats why im kinda lazy to update my blog. anyway, i have this SHARP pain in my tonsel. ggrrr.. I cant sleep, my tonsel is being a fucking pain in the dick because it wont let me sleep. haha. Saturday and Sunday, just take some rest. trying recovering from being sick, so sleep in and just relax. but its not helping. i hate being sick. i had this thing called 'beguk' in malay. haha.
tomorrow is monday. i hate monday. its because i had a lots of assignments projects and agreements to be done. and that makes me even MORE sick. with those two staffs who HATES me. haha. well, the boss loves me more then u both so keep ur hateness up and high. haha.
im fetish for bubur ayam at the moment since i cant eat oily food, or anything. make me bubur or give me mcd's bubur ayam. haha. but i went to mcd just now with hubbie, i still ordering double chessssss burger. i eat and swollen thing that will hurt my tonsel. budukapaka? haha.
i miss my lovely boo-gundut...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


the picnic to manukan with frontiers club was amazing! it was great! haha. eventho im having this sunburn, but its okay. its fun! haha. those colorful fishes really makes me happy! hoho.

me, phaD, pipie and safwan.. arriving at manukan..

the fishesss....

the corals..

eventho end up with phaD tercucuk landak laut, he never stop swimming. nda jera-jera. haha