Thursday, May 1, 2008

shut up, get LOST and go to HELL!

Im not fighting back anymore. Im not fighting for faith. The faith i always believed in someone has GONE.
So Im not asking for another chance. And Im not asking for a movie moment.I just want you to know that what you're doing really makes me goes crazy.
So in 1, 2, 3 days from now you can look back at this smiling,
not ever ever EVER regretting or thinking what if.
and i hope u wont regret anything.

im still pissed off at still ready to cut you into pieces.i must say though,you did have me at hello.

now, today, my life has changed. my heart has broken into pieces. and thanks to you!
ya ya, sebab kau memang tak pernah mengerti! go to HELL!

im sooooo sick of being hurt.