Sunday, March 29, 2009

learn and remember..

What issit i have to learn?
On the verge of tears, i have to start relying on no one but myself.
An empty room, An empty house,An empty contacts list and
The only person in the room is me.
Sometimes we fall,
we cry,
we break.
It only makes us stronger.
But nonetheless,
we still have to go thru the pain that makes us stronger.
The pain that is unbearable at the moment of time.
Ill be fine.
Right now i just dont know what i want anymore,
when everything gets shattered.
Im supposed to be strong.
How till today i carry the scars you gave me.
and all i know is i had enough. for now.
being in a relationship with a type of guy who never appriciates a woman, is really gay.
well, look, those sacrifices, the kindness and the whatsoever was end up mean zero. ZERO.
show some respect to people if you wanna have the respect back, young man.
and understand woman's need if you want them to know wat you need.
its not when you had this stupid silly matter, u bump up to her and when she has this unemotion situation, u ran and trying not to listen. thats makes you 2% closer to JERK!
stop being so sellfish