Monday, July 7, 2008

here i come again...

i was so fcuking busy with works and stuff lately. plus my streamyx line is now suspended. congrates.

i met someone new. a girl. nice and pleasent attitude. good. and adorable. she loves pink. name? secret. haha. well, i just spent few minutes reading her blog. topic. 'bercinta?' haha. its sounds like she's telling people who were non-single stop pretending that u are single. haha. i love this babe. i love her. well, it is true, if u owned someone, tell. dont just keep it behind. kononnya mau cari pacaran lain. gitu? haha. actually i met this adorable babe from a crisis between my hubbie and me last month. but things goes smooths now. alhamdulillah... I think Im just too weak hearted, and think mostly its coz my heart cant take the break. phew..
kepada kalian semua, bilangin donk kalau udah punya cowok atau cewek. kok diam!

Just because im so effin sick today that its not funny,that i will do this. Which i usually dont. having PMwith extra SSS is sucks!

i missed my hubbie. biarpun dinner sama-sama, but i missed him already. ;(
It makes me happy that my shuffling makes others happy as well. its hard to explain. being with him was awesome. and im happy. he's like hot chocolate in the morning, and milk at late night. he's too cute for words, Too gorgeous for pictures, and the best love i could ever have. i sayang u gundut!! And my secret love's no secret anymore.

okay, something about FRIENDSHIP here. where are the person u called friends? kadang-kadang ada. kadang-kadang tiada. hilang? ya, ada yang sibuk bercinta. sampai no more hang out like we always had. sms? no reply, he said. call? no answer he said. gone. orang ada girlfriend. biasa la. haha. well, happy for you. smoga kekal. amin.

xoxo, gerl