Saturday, September 13, 2008

azrul said, 'semoga berbahagia. akhirnya sempurna'..

ღmiss tanashah and mr bobღ

he's my sunshine. and he made me soo happy in the morning and night. he made me so absolutely happy and its not funny anymore. and my life seemed so worth it. i love him. and i meant it. and we im happy. we happy i think. dont u happy syg? haha.

and when i remembered, friends said, 'u'll find someone better.someone much better than awang. trust me.' or, 'forget azrul la babe. he's not belongs to you.' NOW i realize that its true. there is someone for me. and i found it! wahaha. so thanks for your friendster shout out azrul. u such a nice guy ever!! haha. well, at least all my questions about my friendship with azrul, answered!! kadang-kadangkan, saya sendiri bingung what the hell he need from me again. after things happened. so please just go, if you read this. im so tired be next to you. maybe im not a nice friend. im sorry. Things have been hard. Things have been driving me crazy.Things have been changing. and im changing. Frustrate you. Kill you. Ruin you. Ruin the friendship. wasnt my fault. and wasnt me to be blame. ask yourself. all i know now is im happy. im happy without you. seriously. oh, even if i havent meet abg bob. still im happy without you. so if you wanna be friend, be good kerana, aku sungguh pening melayan kerenah kamu! saya penat! If I dont make your heart skip a beat, then hate me. haha.



Anonymous said...

sweet. love. semoga berkekalan

b u b u said...

~ sweetnya darL!!
~ (+_+)
~ bahagia akhirnyaaa.. :))

cintaKAYANGAN said...

buBU, u mek me shy. haha. ko tau la aku nie kan pemalu. hahah..
anyway thanks.. i love u...