Thursday, September 11, 2008

two heart beat as one

introducing, mr. khafez. hoho.

p/s : sorry to abang cause i took this picture. haha. fyi people, this pic may be a year but he still look the same.

okay, here's the story. he's been MISSING, for SEVEN YEARS and finally with the help of God and Iffa's laundry assigment, we meet up. and i think we in love. love?? yeah, i guess so. is that we called FATE and DISTANY? is it JODOH? OR TAKDIR like our sms conversation about TAKDIR and stuff. i do believe in jodoh and takdir. and i do believe in US.

okay, some people, be ashame to fall in love. but when they missed that someone that much. they will can never deny thay they in love. love cant be force. they will come naturally. like us. the love came naturally. haha. conclusion, i love him and he love me too. insya Allah dengan doa kami berdua, we can get thru all of it and be happily ever after. haha.


Anonymous said...

ooohh so sweet. finally u met some2 u really love. i mean the one that suppose u love. hihi. aku doakan korang wei. haha. i want to see u both pnye pix.!


Anonymous said...

wow.. finally. love is in the air. alhamdulillah. see, ada yang sayang ko bha babe. kami pun semua syg ko jg. tp ko ja nda sayang kami. haha. baa. smoga berbahagia. upload baa gambar berdua. haha


Anonymous said...

love, u in love? i cud not beliv it. haha my babe in love. baaa bagus la tu. jgn lagi u ingat si gajah tu. he gv u too much pain. so dump him. haha. im happy to see u happy gerl. u rawkk!!


BobMudy said...

Hehehe.. Hensem ka llaki ni??? heheheh :p emm.. mau tukar gmbr ni.. gmbr berdua baru ngam.. ahakz..

Anonymous said...

erkkkkkkkkkkk !@##$%%%!@#$%^^@#%^

-NORSARAHANA! (there! I spelled my name out loud)


cintaKAYANGAN said...

to vig.. yeah finally i found someone i love. doakan ja lah ar...
to karipap.. siapakah kau? haha. thanks anyway..
to bobmudy, i love you!
ro sarah, i know pretend to be spechless.. thanks

thepinkhlover said...

sampai hati tukar link x gtaw i
nsb baik i celik it sket2 dpt gak cari ur blog

cintaKAYANGAN said...

hahahah...i tot i sms u my new address! hahaha...i missed you!! hahaha. endang please change my name on ur page. tapi nda guna jg tu hahahah...